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4 Natural Remedies to Curb Seasonal Allergies

4 Natural Remedies to Curb Seasonal Allergies

There’s nothing worse than getting through cold and flu season only to be hit by seasonal allergies. You don’t want to be stuck with watering eyes and blocked sinuses while everyone is out enjoying the sunshine. With peak allergy season approaching, natural remedies such as all natural apple cider vinegar pills, will make sure you stay feeling great.

Bone broth

Similar to the healing powers of homemade chicken soup, the anti-inflammatory attributes of bone broth will boost your immune system. Bone broth is rich in glycine, plus numerous vitamins and minerals that can help clear up excess nasal mucus.    

Manuka honey

No surprises here, the wonder honey is a great natural solution for nasal congestion. Research has shown that methylglyoxal (MGL), a key element of manuka honey, can reduce the mucus in your sinuses and boost your immune system.   

Apple cider vinegar

We’ve got plenty to say about the many ways apple cider vinegar (ACV) can cultivate amazing gut health. The pH levels of ACV helps to break up mucus, encourage lymphatic draining and acts as a natural blocker of your body’s histamine production. All natural apple cider vinegar pills are easy to slip into your daily routine, making it a preventative solution to regular allergies.  

Saline solution

Sinus irrigation is a foolproof solution to your congestion issues. You can purchase a saline solution from your local chemist. You can simply suck it up one nostril for effective relief from pollen exposure. This will wash out any mucus or allergens out from your nostrils and sinuses that are causing irritation.     


With allergy season on the horizon, there has never been better time to add apple cider vinegar into your regular routine. Try our convenient, tasteless all natural apple cider vinegar pills (also known as ACV capsules) and feel better already.

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