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Happy Hens: How ACV Can Help Your Chooks

Happy Hens: How ACV Can Help Your Chooks

We talk a lot about what ACV has to offer us - but what about our fluffy, furry or feathered friends? We're all fluffy or feathered at heart, so it stands to reason that ACV's magic could work on animals as well. And guess what? It does! ACV can help your beautiful brood stay happy and healthy throughout the year. 


Like buying ACV for yourself, it's essential to look out for organic and unpasteurised ACV containing the Mother. She's the primary source of all the goodness, and unpasteurised ACV still has all the good bacteria that we love it for. 


A note on safety: ACV is perfectly safe for your chooks in small, diluted doses; however, only add it to plastic or rubber containers, never metal ones. ACV's highly acidic qualities cause the metal to rust, which can be highly detrimental to your birds' health. 


Without further ado, let's dive into ACV's benefits for your chicks!

Awesome Antibacterial

It's well known that ACV is deadly to bad bacteria, helping to protect your chickens against bacteria-caused diseases. Whether applied topically or ingested, it contributes to a sturdy immune system and general health. 


What's more, ACV has been shown to be highly effective against coccidiosis, salmonella, campylobacter and e-coli in chickens specifically! There's no doubt it's a decisive element in a healthy diet for your ladies. 


Incidentally, it also helps keep water containers clear from algae and bacteria. There's really no end to the magic. 

Gut Feelings

As well as generally improving immunity and health, ACV can specifically enhance your chooks' digestion and gut wellbeing. With the decrease in harmful bacteria, the balance of beneficial probiotics increases and creates a gut environment conducive to optimum digestion, hormone balance and nutrient absorption. 


In particular, the surface area of the intestine increases, and the intestinal mucosa becomes less inflamed. This boosts your chickens' ability to absorb nutrients and get rid of any nasties.

Egg-cellent Health

study carried out in 2005 suggests that ACV increases egg production between the ages of 24 and 28 weeks. The difference was not statistically significant at other ages, but this remains an exciting avenue for further research! 

A Balancing Act

Most healthy bodies require a slightly alkaline pH to function at optimum capacity. Luckily for us, ACV has alkalising effects when ingested, so adding it to your chickens' waterer means they'll stay alkaline and healthy! 

Easy Peasy Apple Squeasy

The best thing about ACV is how easy it is to add to your chooks' diet. A little bit goes a long way, so we recommend 1ml per chicken, which you can easily add to their water supply every day. 


Other strategies to make sure your ladies get their dose include mixing it into their chicken feed or treats. 


Apply ACV topically, either by giving your gals a slight spritz from a spray bottle or bathing them in water containing a few drops of ACV. You'll see results against mites, lice, and skin infections, amongst other things! 


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