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The Collagen Boost Your Body Craves

The Collagen Boost Your Body Craves

You’ve probably heard the buzz about collagen and how it’s great for your skin. Health experts and beauty bloggers have been raving about it for years, but what exactly is it? We can assure you that it’s easy to incorporate into your everyday routine so you can reap the health benefits!

What is collagen?

Collagen is a protein found in your body that supports and strengthens bones, teeth, cartilage and connective tissue. It’s very important that your collagen production is in fine form so that your body is able to heal itself easier. It has several health benefits that you could experience such as enhancing your skin’s health and glow, improving your immune system and digestion, as well as promoting skin elasticity.

Boosting your collagen intake

As we age, our body’s ability to produce collagen decreases. This can also reduce due to sun exposure, smoking and an unhealthy diet. But the good news is that you can increase your intake, as it can be found in a powder or capsule form.

The powdered collagen can usually be sprinkled in your favourite smoothie, and can come in different flavours. If you’re not a fan of measuring your collagen intake, there’s handy capsules that you can take. This is a tasteless way to boost your body’s production of collagen. Some supplements will even have added ingredients to enhance your overall health. The Collagen Booster & Prebiotics Capsules* that we have developed are specially formulated to be vegan friendly and contain inulin to enhance your gut health.



If you’re after a simple and effective way to take care of your health, try our range of gut health supplements. You can get some inspiration for meals to take with your health supplements here.


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