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Immune Boosting Gummies: Get Your Immune System Ready This Year for the Cold & Flu Season

Immune Boosting Gummies: Get Your Immune System Ready This Year for the Cold & Flu Season

We hippies, we fight the good fight. Whether it's doing our best to keep the Earth healthy or fighting off our own seasonal illnesses, we like to keep it natural. And when it comes to immunity, we know the Earth provides: there are myriads of immunity-boosting goodies to be found in nature without pumping ourselves full of weird and unknown products. 

That's why That Hippie Co. loves you guys. We know you're always on the same page as us, and it's with you in mind that we've created our very own - delicious - immunity-boosting gummies. So you can find that health boost you're looking for without compromising your values! Our Immunity Boost gummies are carefully and lovingly designed to support a healthy immune system, all in a burst of blueberry.

True to our ethos, the Immunity Boost gummies harness the innate powers of Elderberry, Vitamin C, and Zinc to support your health and repair cellular damage. Vegan friendly and sugar-free, they're just what you need to look winter in the eye and feel no fear. Here's the low down on these super supplements! 

Immunity Boost Gummies: treat yourself to health

We're here for you, and our gummies are here to lend your immune system a helping hand. The ingredients have been carefully selected to be the ideal side-kick for your superhuman health: the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory powers of Elderberry, Vitamin C, and Zinc come together to support your cells in the fight against ill-health, and act quickly to help repair any cellular damage caused by seasonal nasties. Our gummies will have you feeling good all year round! Health was ever so tasty. 

The Good Stuff that Matters

We firmly believe that great products can only be created from great ingredients. We're very picky when it comes to selecting what we put into our gummies, using only the best that nature has to offer and relying on our in-depth understanding of natural products. That's how we create the stuff that'll help you glow from the inside out!


Elderberries are chock-full of antioxidants, important compounds that limit the production of free radicals and reduce cell damage caused by oxidation. What's more, they're also known for their significant anti-inflammatory powers, helping to reduce and ease the symptoms of infection and illness. Add to this their high Vitamin C and A content, and you've got yourself a natural health super-berry that supports and maintains a powerful immune system. 

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is kind of the George Clooney of vitamins. We've all heard of it, we've all seen it around, and when it comes to health, most people ask: what else? Vitamin C is the trusty go-to guy for a health boost. It supports the production and action of white blood cells, helping you fight your own battles, and it prevents the symptoms of common viruses such as colds. Furthermore, it aids with collagen formation, keeping your tissues young and resilient. Truly a class act. 



Zinc is found in cells throughout our bodies, and it's intimately implicated with many aspects of our immune functions. In particular, zinc is crucial to the development of our immune cells. This means zinc, much like Vitamin C, is a star player in the fight against seasonal illnesses, boosting our ability to resist and fight off viral infections. Just like Vitamin C, it also supports collagen formation and tissue elasticity, so it'll keep you feeling good - and looking good - all year round. 

How it Works

Take two gummies in the morning and get your daily immune boost.

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